Layering is the combination of a LuxeFilms® printable film with a LuxeFilms® transparent overlaminate film, allowing a wide array of unique finishes and pleasing designs. Utilized to create dynamic “never seen before” experiences on folding cartons, printed media, and rigid set up boxes.

Layering holds almost unlimited possibilities for the savvy packaging designer, allowing the combination of metalized, holographic, tactile, and print surfaces. Layering LuxeFilms® laminate films is quickly gaining credibility as a new tool to capture today’s elusive consumer eye!

  • Mirror™ Metalized, Tactile ™ Ebony Karess™ FineLinen™ Binder
    Mirror™ Metalized + Tactile™ FineLinen + Tactile™ Ebony™ Karess™: Binder
  • Gilt™ Metalized + Scuffproof™
  • Mirror™ Metalized + Scuffproof™
  • Mirror™ Metalized + Matte Chrome™
  • Gilt™ Metalized + Tactile™ FineLinen™
  • Mirror™ Metalized + Tactile™ FineLinen™