LuxeFilms® Gilt™ Metalized Film

TYPE: Printable Underlaminate

COLOUR: Opaque / Mirror

Gilt™ Metalized is a brilliant gold metallic polyester thermal laminate film wit h excellent printability and machinability, allowing in-house production of Met-Poly/ METPET board by utilizing nearly any one-sided laminating machine. Gilt™ Metalized film provides an excellent reflective foil effect, and its properties allow varnishes and stamped products to adhere to the film, creating incredible special effects.

  • Opaque thermal laminate
  • Offset Printable, Utilizing Standard Inks (testing required)
  • UV Offset Printable
  • Can Combine with any LuxeFilms® Overlaminates
  • Emboss-Friendly
  • Glueable and Stampable
  • 100% Gold Seal™ Guaranteed
  • Point of Sale Displays
  • Book Covers
  • Slip Cases
  • Premium Folding Cartons
  • Gift Packaging
  • Consumer Goods Packaging
  • Cosmetic and Jewelry Packaging
  • Electronics Packaging
  • Liquor and Luxury Product Packaging

LuxeFilms® Gilt™ Metalized