LuxeFilms® ScuffProof™ Film

TYPE: Overlaminate

COLOUR: Transparent

ScuffProof™ film, is the new standard in premium scuff-protection film. Different from every other type of anti-scuff film on the market, ScuffProof™ utilizes new secret technology that changes the molecular structure of the film surface, through a chemical reaction, to greatly increase the hardness and durability.

ScuffProof™ is built on a very stable BOPP film base, and has no “coating” that can scratch off or burnish, like other anti-scuff films. Boasting an extreme hardness level, the film is perfect for a huge range of consumer an d high use products that need an ultra-smooth, ultra-protective surface. In addition to durability, ScuffProof™ Matte is very versatile, allowing the bonding of spot UV coating, glues, and foil stamping with ease.

  • Completely Scuff and Burnish Resistant
  • Reduces Spoilage to Zero
  • Highly Cost Competitive
  • Extreme Surface Hardness
  • Accepts Spot UV; Glueable and Stampable
  • 100% Gold Seal™ Guaranteed
  • High Use Pocket Folders
  • Promotional Pieces
  • Business Cards
  • Soft and Hardbound Book Covers
  • Cosmetic and Jewelry Packaging
  • Electronics Packaging
  • Three Ring and Media/Binders and Cases
  • Liquor and Luxury Product Packaging
  • High Use Folding Carton Packaging
  • Rigid Boxes

ScuffProof™ Matte
Designed with an ultra smooth, soft matte finish with the toughness of ScuffProofTM film.

ScuffProof™ Satin
Designed for those who want an extra level of sheen, with the toughness of ScuffProofTM film. Enhances darker colors.

ScuffProof™ TT
Designed specifically for the label market, to allow thermal transfer printing on the surface while maintaining the toughness of ScuffProofTM film.

LuxeFilms® ScuffProof™ Satin


LuxeFilms® ScuffProof™ Matte