LuxeFilms® create dynamic special-effects films, including Fresnel LensCraft™, Holografik™, and Engravure™ Technology, for limitless applications in the packaging, print, photo, and publishing markets. These lamination films are technically engineered to exhibit unique visual effects in the presence of light, thus creating a captivating light show which attracts consumer attention in a way that nothing else can.

Our expertise and commitment to detailed technical design in developing each effect produces top quality products to enhance the brands of leading companies across the globe. LuxeFilms® special-effects films are engineered for ease of use, vivid color rendering, and high performance for print-friendliness, depth, and clarity.

Our film products demonstrate high-end holography at its best, which performs consistently in a wide range of applications, including folding cartons, rigid set-up boxes, security products, health and beauty, premium book and magazine covers, liquor, pharmaceutical products, and much more. Flexible packaging and label product applications are also available.

  • Fresnel LensCraft ™ Technology
    Fresnel LensCraft ™ Technology
  • Engravure™ Technology
    Engravure™ Technology
  • Streams of Light Holografik™
    Holografik ™ Technology