Madovar – Montreal, Canada

“With respect to the new ScuffProof™ matte film laminate. I have exported a container of this to my plant in China and they love it… it saves money from the GBC OPP scuff-resistant matte lamination. And it is better–it will not burnish, because it has been changed molecularly, not just coated like the GBC product. So there are no pressure marks from corrugated or hinges from other books that occur during shipping.”

George D. – FCP Group

“For a long time I’ve been trying to find a soft touch matte film laminate for digital prints, and I’ve stumbled across it. It’s called Karess™ UltraGrip™, a soft touch laminate. It adheres so strongly that if there are problems, it’ll be the ink letting go of the paper rather than the film letting go of the ink.”

Debbie D. – VIP

“LuxeFilms® makes a nice laminate and I see the value there.”

Dave F. – RRD Company